Monday, 30 April 2012

The Wolves have left the studio; diary, part IV

Well now, dear readers. The Wolves left the studio less than 24 hours ago. What were we left with?

-Drum tracks for seven songs, ranging in length from roughly five minutes to a whopping fifteen minutes.

-Several mutilated drumsticks. I guess the majority of the drumsticks Niko brought into the studio were decimated.

-Very little time to sleep. Of the 56 possible hours (from Fri 4pm to Sun 12am), we spent roughly 40 hours in the studio! Bar our sleeping hours (3am-10am) the studio was constantly manned by at least three of us. Sheesh.

-All of the drum takes were done several times, in the case that our human drum machine should have done a mistake. (Well, actually, he did. Quite a few. Every now and then when he was not chopping the drumsticks into wee tiny bits (he is a lumberjack and he's okay)).

-Two studio live tracks, with video. One really slow and thick oldie goldie, reworked, and one from the new album. We were joined by three helpful gentlemen in the Sunday evening, who worked three cameras. If the videos and live takes are deemed releasable, we will treat you with a song + a video twice during the next summer!

-80-100 cups of coffee and a handful of beers consumed. Also occasional fits of pizza psychosis were witnessed.

-A promise of an excellent new full-length album full of some of the most intense and dynamic stuff we've created. But when will we record the rest of the stuff? And how? We've yet to decide, but the current consensus is that most likely the recordings will take place over the course of the next summer, starting in early June. The method of execution is still under discussion.

Keep it groovy,


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