Sunday, 11 December 2011

News from the front

Long time no write blog texts. Well, it happens, but now we've got something to tell you. Like, 2 things. First of all, as you might or might not know, we have a soundcloud account. Well, just a moment ago, I uploaded a bunch of demo tracks and such there. These are versions of songs even all the members of the band haven't heard, so rare. You can find them here:

And then the other thing, and this is what we're mostly excited about: Dethroned productions, a sublabel of Throne Records from Spain, is going to release a limited pressing of Chapter III ep. It's set to come out on the 12th of December, with 20 copies (of 100) to be sold at the Throne Records distro and the rest by us at shows and whatnot. Keep up to date here: