Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Wolves circling the studio, part I

So, the day’s finally here. We managed to drag ourselves into the studio!

So far:

-We arrived to the studio Friday, 27th of April, 4 pm. With us: a handful of guitars, a bass, drum gear, Trace Elliott V6 bass head and Orange + Laboga for the guitars.

-Actually the name of the game for this weekend is to record the drums for our upcoming album; the guitar and bass stuff we brought are here only for the show. And perhaps for a studio live session, should there be enough time.

-Drums were set up by a bit past midnight, including 20 microphones. Yeah, seriously, 20 bloody microphones. Our drummer Niko and Antti - our trusty old pal behind the desk both in studio and live - went a little crazy with them now that we had access to some great microphones. (Antti stated that the official explanation for this is “Just because we can!”)

-Caffeine levels are kept in check with Henri making us new potfuls of coffee the instant the previous one gets consumed.

-We returned to the studio Saturday morning, April 28th, finally ready to proceed to the recording itself. The total amount of tracks for the upcoming album is undecided to this date, but during this weekend we are supposed to record drum tracks for seven new songs (ok, one of them is previously released). If there is enough time for the studio live takes, we are going to record one new song from this album and one song that goes way back, to the beginnings of the band.

With bloodshot eyes and high expectations from the studio,

Or, in Henri’s words, "let’s get those arm flabs moving, and make some massive stuff!"

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