Wednesday, 18 January 2012

...and around the next corner, you'll find...

So, Chapter III is finally out in cd form and can be bought directly from us by sending us email to contact(at) or from Dethroned Productions (which we recommend if you're outside Finland). And this means it's time to look forward to new things.

We've been busy writing and rehearsing material for a new full-length and we've now gotten to a point where pretty much the whole album is written and we've even managed to play all of the tracks through, save for the intro track, which is still under construction. The new material expands on what we've showcased before, in terms of dark, plodding doomy goodness, and adds new dimensions and dynamics to the mix, making for a (hopefully) more interesting listen than our debut, The Silence from Your Room.

Some tracks we've already showcased live, such as "Lenore", "Cœur" and "Haunted", and one we've already recorded once, namely "In the Trench", which is found on Chapter III, and they've been received well. "Cœur" has also been recorded on video on more than one occasion, and therefore I find it only appropriate to post a video of it here, so you'll know just what to look forward to.

By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes


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